Q: Who decides where the money goes?
A: Our United Way makes funding decisions based on local priorities. United Way supports
agencies and programs that work in this community to strengthen families and individuals.
Last year, over 600 volunteers representing over 300 businesses and organizations participated in the allocations process.. Local experienced volunteers assess community needs and determine how to distribute funds so that donors know their money is battling the most pressing issues and reaching people who need it most. Last year, our partners received over $37 million to improve lives and community conditions.

Q: How is my contribution invested?
It is invested in four key areas:

Physical fitness, nutritional education, recreation, mental health services

In-school programs, drop-out prevention, early childhood education, quality afterschool and summer programs, mentoring, parent support, character education, youth development

Financial Stability
Financial and budget counseling, food networks, housing, affordable childcare, tax filing assistance and tax credit education, job training

Access to Services
2-1-1 Call Center provides easy access to available resources, individual and family crisis responses, disaster and emergency preparedness and response, basic needs assistance

Q: Where does the money go?
A: On average, 91 cents of every dollar raised by United Way goes directly to programs and services with only 9 cents going to fundraising and overhead. The Council of Better Business Bureaus considers 50% to be an acceptable figure, so you can be sure that United Way is handling your hard-earned contribution efficiently and effectively.

Children, Youth & Families 25%
Basic Needs 20%
Health & Rehabilitation 16%
Counseling & Mental Health 13%
Fundraising & Administration 9%
Community Services, New Programs & Unplanned Agency Needs 4%
Designations & Pledge Loss 13%
Q: Where Does the Money Come From?
Employee gifts = 70%
Corporate gifts = 20%
Individuals and Foundations = 10%
Q: Who uses the services of United Way?
White = 51%
Black = 48%
Other = 1% Female = 54%
Male = 46%
Q: What is the difference between United Way of Central Alabama, Inc. and
United Way of America?

A: United Way of America is a membership association for independent United Ways across the country. It is a service and training center for United Ways which want to use their services. United Way of Central Alabama is an independent organization based in Birmingham, Alabama serving Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount and St. Clair Counties.

Q: Does United Way of America set policy for local United Ways?

A: No. Each United Way is separate from one another and has its own Board of Directors that makes decisions about what is best for their community. Local volunteers who know their community also make all funding decisions for local agencies.

Q: Does any money contributed go to United Way of Worldwide?

A: Yes. Among the supports and services provided to local United Ways, United Way Worldwide offers learning opportunities (courses, webinars and conferences), develops advertising/public service announcements, and manages corporate relations with over 100 of the country’s largest companies, organized labor and the National Football League.  United Way Worldwide provides resources to help United Ways build their capacity to advance the common good the areas of Education, Income and Health.

Q: What does our United Way receive for paying dues?

A: United Way of America conducts national market research, assists with NFL/United Way advertising, administration of emergency food and shelter grant money (FEMA), gifts in kind, and training for staff and volunteers and National Corporate Leadership accounts. We get much more back in services than what we pay






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